Valerie Van Pelt, Realtor

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Valerie Van Pelt, Realtor

As a native Dallas resident, Valerie has been in sales for over 25 years as a “Top Producer” for Fortune 100 companies. Trained by many of the most elite companies, she has taken that discipline and knowledge into her real estate career where even starting her first year, she was able to distinguish herself as an up and comer with a multi-million-dollar debut.

Her love and passion for her city have allowed her to be a specialist in relocation. In addition, she has been recognized by the largest hospital system in North Texas, for her real estate accomplishments.

She is an expert on the nuts and bolts of Dallas, including private schools, upcoming events and philanthropies, shopping and newest restaurants.

Valerie utilizes the latest technologies to market and assist buyers in their search for the perfect home. She has been known to make cold calls to owners whose home isn’t on the market to help her clients find an unlisted property. In addition, understanding the latest algorithms, using video, data analytics, and her own proprietary intelligence, she is able to demonstrate unique excellence that sets her above the rest!


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