TELOS Fitness Center

13701 Dallas Parkway | Dallas, TX 75240

(972) 386-2582

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TELOS Fitness Center

13701 Dallas Parkway | Dallas, TX 75240

TELOS Serves You Better By Design

We designed the form and function of TELOS to reflect many international best practices.  The TELOS Fitness Center property blends state-of-the-art fitness equipment and the professional programming of a world class training center, with the luxury, comfort and service of a premier spa.

TELOS offers you a distinctive fitness environment.  One that provides you with a sense of warmth and belonging, while simultaneously delivering superior exercise experiences to transform your health and fitness.

Why We’re Award Winning

The attention to detail, innovation and standards of excellence we strive to create at TELOS are recognized locally, nationally and even internationally.  TELOS continues to receive numerous awards for outstanding business practices, member satisfaction, fitness programing and more…

You’ll notice the staff at TELOS focused on continuously improving our facility, programing and services to provide you with the best membership value and experience both today and tomorrow.

We Take An Integrated Approach To Your Fitness

The professionals at TELOS integrate exercise science and sports medicine with outstanding instruction and support services.  We first use precision diagnostic tools to gain a complete understanding of your body’s strengths, weakness and limitations.  We then prescribe an integrated combination of fitness training to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient, effective way.

This integrated approach produces outstanding results for our members.  We use it with professional athletes, celebrities and C-level executives whose fitness plays a crucial role in their ability to compete and perform at the highest levels.  And we use it for members pursuing general health and fitness goals.  The end result is the same.  Integrated training at TELOS can help you play the game of life better.

You’re Invited

Now that you know a bit more about TELOS, I’d like to personally invite you to come visit us.  Tour the club, grab a workout, check us out.  You can do it all free with our complimentary mini-membership. Just click here to get yours.

Meantime, thanks again for your interest in TELOS. On behalf of all our staff, I wish you the best of health and fitness! I look forward to seeing you in the club soon.

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