Pure Swing Golf

13617 Inwood Rd suite 205, Dallas, TX 75244

(469) 779-9991

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Pure Swing Golf

13617 Inwood Rd suite 205, Dallas, TX 75244

At Pure Swing Golf, we want to drive the game forward by marrying the valuable tradition of the game with a new approach- one that makes golf accessible to all. Our indoor golf experience offers the best of tradition and forward thought as we combine an upscale environment and coaching from expert tour players with accessible technologies that offer both analytics and fun, immersive experiences.


The Pure Swing approach to learning, training, and playing golf is holistic. Before coaching a player, we assess their injury history, physical capabilities, goals, and the amount of time they are willing to commit to the game. With this information, we craft a personalized coaching plan that allows the player to work within their personal restraints to reach their maximum potential.

Unlike many coaching methodologies based on gimmicks and trends that only produce short-term results, the PSG approach is centered around the player and committed to achieving realistic, long-term results. Through our coaches experience of competing at the highest level, we understand that every part of the game is important- a one foot putt has the same value as a 300 yard drive.

At Pure Swing Golf, we know everyone has different capabilities, schedules, and goals and that’s why our approach is fully personalized and committed to achieving the best results for every individual player.

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