Reach Your Step Goals While In the Office

It’s easy to forget to stand up, stretch, and move while in the office during your work day. Setting step and movement goals while you are in the office is easier than you think and can be worked into your busy schedule. These tips can help you reach your step goals as well as get in more movement during your workday.

Take a Walk

Take a walk during your lunch break to get some Vitamin D and fresh air while getting some light exercise. You’re in luckReach Your Step Goals While In the Office with so many amazing parks right here in Addison to take your walk. Addison Circle Park, Vitruvian Park, and Les Lacs Park are just some of the walking destinations to get outdoors during your breaks. A midday walk provides benefits such as preventing aches and fatigue from sitting for long stretches, increasing blood flow, and improving posture.

Use a Walking Pad

Walking pads are becoming popular accessories in the office! Working while using your walking pad is a great way to multitask and reach your step goals while crushing your career goals. Walking while working can also help to keep your brain alert and focused.

Reach Your Step Goals While In the OfficeDesk Stretches

If you aren’t able to get up for a walk but are feeling fatigued, getting in some desk stretches can get your blood flowing and allow you to get some light movement in. Try stretching your arms, back, and legs, and hold each stretch for at least 10 seconds. Desk stretches are quick and easy and can be done in under a minute without getting up from your desk.

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