Businesses Growing in Addison

Businesses Growing in AddisonAddison, Texas, is quickly becoming a hotspot for business expansion, with companies from various industries choosing to expand their footprint in this vibrant suburb north of Dallas. Among these companies is Tanium, a Washington-based software firm specializing in endpoint security and systems management. Tanium, with an impressive valuation of approximately $9 billion, is set to more than double its square footage at Addison’s Spectrum Center this summer.

Currently leasing 12,000 square feet at the Spectrum Center, Tanium is expanding to a full floor, securing a new long-term lease for 25,000 square feet at 5080 Spectrum Drive. This expansion marks a significant investment in Addison’s business landscape and is a testament to the suburb’s appeal as a hub for innovative companies.

The leasing transaction was overseen by HPI Real Estate Services & Investments’ Ben Cuzen, Luke Aviles, and Hunter Lee on behalf of theBusinesses Growing in Addison landlord, while Greg Langston and Brian Whittington of Avison Young represented Tanium. This expansion aligns with Tanium’s growth strategy and demonstrates its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in the ever-evolving field of software technology.

But Tanium is not the only company recognizing Addison’s potential for growth. AMLI, a major apartment developer with projects across the nation and the DFW region, has also doubled its office space at Liberty Plaza in Addison. Growing from 6,601 square feet to 13,214 square feet, AMLI’s expansion highlights the suburb’s appeal not only for businesses but also for residents seeking quality living spaces.

As Addison continues to attract businesses from various industries, it cements its reputation as a dynamic and forward-thinking suburb, offering business opportunities, lifestyle amenities, and a supportive community. With companies like Tanium and AMLI leading the way, Addison is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.

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