Fun for Your Furry Friends

Can we talk about pampering our puppies? Now, no matter how big our dogs get, they will always be puppies in our eyes. At least with me, that’s always been the case. Even when my childhood dog weighed over 100 lbs., he was always a puppy in my eyes. We love our dogs, and we love pampering and spoiling them, am I right? Now while I am in between dogs right now, one of the things I loved about our dog was buying him toys and spoiling him with any little thing I could think of.

Fun for Your Furry Friends
Bring your dog to Yard Dog for a fresh bath

For example, getting your puppy to the groomer for a complete “makeover” can be a bit scary for them but we have some pretty amazing dog groomers in our area that make the experience nice and calm for them. Yard Dog on Inwood offers different options to get your doggie nice and clean. Yard Dog offers a Basic Bath option that includes a bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, cologne, and bow or bandana to the add-ons like toothbrushing, hair coloring, and more. Your puppy will love it and you will love how great they will smell and look when you pick them up. Check out the Yard Dog website to see all they offer,

One of the inevitable things that comes with having a furry member in your family is that sometimes youFun for Your Furry Friends may have to travel and must find a dog sitter. This can be a very stressful situation. I mean, you don’t want to leave your puppy with just anyone. You want to make sure he’s going to be safe and happy. Which is why finding the perfect Pet Lodge is so important. Pappy’s Pet Lodge on Quorum Dr. has over 20 years of experience and more than 30 awards, including the 2023 Reader’s Choice Award for Favorite Animal Boarding/Grooming Service! So don’t worry, your furry best friend will be in good hands should you need to board him while you are out of town.

Looking for a nice dog park to take your puppy for a play date? Visit Spruill Dog Park in the Addison Circle neighborhood. Lots of shade, a doggy water fountain, and more. Beckert Park is another great park to walk around and play with your furry friend. There are concerts and other community activities in the summer and lots of opportunities to meet other dogs and form a community.

Spoil your puppies, take them out for a nice walk around one of the Addison parks and they will love you forever!

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