Addison’s Amazing Appetizers – Cheese Fries

Whoever came up with the idea of appetizers deserves a lot more recognition. I mean, the whole idea of pre-gaming your meal with more food? Come on. It’s genius. Today we’re talking about one of our favorite appetizers, and it’s a classic. Cheese fries. Seems simple enough right? Delicious French fries with melted cheese on top? But there’s so much more to it and so many ways to enjoy this tasty appetizer.

Addison's Amazing Appetizers - Cheese Fries
Delicious Green Chile Queso fries at Hopdoddy will brighten up any day

Let’s start at Hopdoddy Burger Bar. While we know Hopdoddy has a menu full of delicious burgers, do not skip out on their delicious hand-cut fries. More specifically, their Green Chile Queso Fries. You get a very generous serving of their hand-cut fries with a side of Hopdoddy’s famous queso for dipping, or if you are like me, to smother all the fries with it.

Next is Jakes Burger and Beer. At Jakes you can get an order of Cheddar fries or tots. Hand-cut Idaho potatoes topped with grated aged cheddar cheese melted on top. If you want to add a kick to them, add some Hatch Chile peppers. Another option is their Queso Fries. These are topped with delicious queso and fresh pico de gallo.

For our next selection, Snuffer’s comes through with original Cheddar Fries.

Addison's Amazing Appetizers - Cheese Fries
If you are looking for some amazing cheesy fries look no further than Snuffers and get them loaded

According to their website, “First created in 1978 at the original Snuffer’s on Lower Greenville Ave in Dallas. Each order of cheddar fries is topped with freshly grated aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese over our hand-cut Idaho potato fries.” They are served with ranch, and you can also get them loaded with bacon crumbles, sour cream, and jalapenos. Get the large size and share them with your table.


Finally, we make our way to The Quarter Bar and Grill. This is your friendly neighborhood bar serving up some great food and cold drinks. As with any great bar, the bar menu is going to have some delicious finger foods and The Quarter Bar and Grill is no different. Their Bar Bites menu features delicious Potato Skins topped with cheddar, bacon, and green onions and served with a side of sour cream. The Bar Bites menu also has Bacon Cheese fries. These are topped with green onions and served with a side of ranch. Don’t forget to order a cold drink along with your cheesy dish.

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