Makeup for Men

Over the past decade, makeup has come a long way in engineering and design, with products available for everyone, including men. The industry now reaches various male customers who use makeup – from subtle to bold. If you’re a man looking for makeup products that fit your skin’s specific needs and concerns, keep reading for a list of the best men’s makeup brands out there.

Formen Makeup

The world’s first professional male cosmetic house, Formen Makeup, is designed to treat imperfectionsMakeup for Men and improve skin texture. Founded by Andrew Grella, this company creates products that help men and their specific needs, including their skin, habits, and more. Formen creates low-maintenance makeup, skincare, and grooming products that work on camera and for everyday use. Their products are formulated to discreetly fix specific issues, including acne, facial shine, oily skin, under-eye bags, and other imperfections. 


Known for normalizing retail men’s makeup, Stryx was founded on the simple principle that men seek toMakeup for Men look handsome. Men’s faces are often neglected when it comes to makeup, leading to problems such as redness, oiliness, dark spots, zits, and more. The company is one of the first ever to conceive, from start to finish, what cosmetic and skincare products would be – if they were made for men. Stryx engineers one-of-a-kind products to give men perfect skin so they can be their most confident selves. 

War Paint for Men

Makeup for MenOn a mission to empower men, War Paint for Men is all about making makeup for men that boosts their confidence and helps them feel ready to tackle whatever the day brings. The company’s products are not women’s makeup repurposed or in different packaging; War Paint is made for men’s skin. Suppose you’re a man struggling with self-esteem or confidence. In that case, this company prides itself on producing high-quality makeup, skincare, and tools.

Typology Paris

Staying true to its philosophy of transparency and simplicity, Typology Paris is a premium natural skincare and makeup alternative for both men and women. They do not add anything to their products to make them stand out; instead, they scale back and distill each formula down to the most essential, natural, active ingredients. Since their products are formulated with organic components, they work exceptionally well for both male and female skin. 

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