Join The Hot Chocolate Quest in The Corridor

As the temperature drops and winter blankets the city in a chilly embrace, there’s nothing quite like wrapping your hands around a warm mug of hot chocolate. Forget the powdery mix and lukewarm water – we’re on a mission to find some of the most flavorful hot chocolate spots in the city. Join us on this thermal quest as we uncover the cozy corners where you can indulge in a cup of liquid joy.

Astoria Caffe

Join The Hot Chocolate Quest in The CorridorStep into the European-inspired world of Astoria Caffe, where the charming saga of hot chocolate unfolds.  Delight in the timeless allure of a classic steaming hot chocolate, or venture into a realm of frosty wonder with a luscious iced or frozen rendition, crowned with a heavenly dollop of handcrafted whipped cream.

And if that’s not enough, then prepare to be captivated by the luxurious indulgence of Astoria Caffe’s Hot Chocolate Bomb. Crafted with Belgian milk chocolate and brimming with the cozy comfort of marshmallows, this delightful treat promises to unfold a symphony of chocolate-y goodness right before your eyes.

As you unwrap this delectable creation and gently let it melt in a steaming cauldron of milk, a magical transformation takes place—watch as the velvety chocolate shell dissolves, revealing the hidden treasure within. Stirring slowly, you’ll witness the mesmerizing dance of swirling chocolate and the blossoming of marshmallows, creating an enchanting elixir that’s simply irresistible.

Whether you prefer a classic hot chocolate or a sphere bursting with flavor, you can elevate your hot chocolate indulgence with a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream, infusing your cup of bliss with an alluring touch of grown-up enchantment.

Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros proudly presents the tantalizing Dutch Cocoa lineup, where luscious chocolate meets your favorite flavors in a steamy embrace.

Join The Hot Chocolate Quest in The Corridor

Are you ready to dive into an ocean of chocolate ecstasy? Brace yourself for the ultimate indulgence with the Double Chocolate Dutch Cocoa. It’s a blissful blend of an exclusive creamy chocolate milk and rich chocolate sauce, crowned with heavenly whipped cream – double the pleasure, double the fun!

But wait, there’s more! Prepare to be bewitched by the alluring Caramel Dutch Cocoa. This velvety chocolate milk gets a sweet makeover with caramel sauce, topped off with a cloud of irresistible whipped cream. It’s a caramel-choco dream come true!

And for those craving a white chocolate wonderland, say hello to the White Chocolate Dutch Cocoa. This signature chocolate milk dances with white chocolate sauce in a harmonious union, begging to be savored beneath a blanket of whipped cream.

But hold onto your taste buds, because we’re not done yet! Introducing the Vanilla Swirl Dutch Cocoa – a mesmerizing symphony of vanilla sweetness intertwined with an exquisite chocolate milk. Indulge in each decadent sip, crowned with a dollop of ethereal whipped cream.

Yearning for even more delicious flavors? Click here to discover a multitude of chocolaty wonders that await at Dutch Bros.

Scooter’s Coffee

Join The Hot Chocolate Quest in The Corridor

If you’re someone who holds dear the delightful memories of sipping on hot cocoa from your childhood to this very day, Scooter’s Coffee has crafted a masterpiece just for you. Scooter’s is here to take you on a decadent journey with a rich, childhood-inspired hot chocolate that’s blended with hot milk to sweet perfection. And hold onto your marshmallows because the pièce de résistance? A cloud of fluffy whipped cream that takes this cocoa creation to the next level. For an extra touch of amazing, we recommend sipping this chocolaty paradise with almond milk. It’s not just a drink; it’s a nostalgic experience in every sip!

Whether you’re a fan of the classics or crave a unique twist, these hot chocolate havens have something special to offer. So, embrace the chilly weather and embark on a sweet quest to discover the city’s enchanting hot chocolate experiences. After all, life is too short for mediocre hot chocolate – let the sipping adventure begin!

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