Quintet Arrives in Addison

Quintet Arrives in AddisonThe Addison Arbor Foundation (AAF) and the Town of Addison are pleased to announce Quintet, the latest addition to the Addison public art collection. Quintet is a magical glass mosaic sculpture created by Pascale M. Pryor representing a school of five fish. Three large blue fish are joined by two smaller red and yellow fish as they “swim” along the shore of the Vitruvian Park water banks at the base of the amphitheater. Each fish is made with a frame and intricate fins and scales made of corten steel filled in with colorful glass.

Janna Tidwell, Director of Parks for the Town of Addison said “Quintet is a great addition to the UDR art collection at Vitruvian Park and to Addison’s public art collection. This artwork will add to the color and fun of events such as the Vitruvian Salsa Festival, Vitruvian Lights and Vitruvian Nights Live.”Quintet Arrives in Addison

AAF President Dr. Jay Ihrig said, “We are so impressed with the intricate placement of colors and shapes that comprise each of the different fish. Quintet is a vibrant artistic masterpiece which showcases the reflective qualities of the glass from the water and sunlight. This is the perfect location to highlight Pascale’s glass artistry.”

Pascale Pryor said “This work truly was a combination of engineering, ingenuity and patience. I spent many hours creating the patterns and forms of the fish and cutting the individual pieces of glass. I am so glad to see the final result glistening in the sunlight at Vitruvian Park.” Quintet is the twenty-third artwork sponsored by the Addison Abor Foundation for the Town of Addison. UDR, the developer at Vitruvian Park, made a significant donation to the artwork.

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