Smoky Makeup for Fall

October is almost here, which means cooler temperatures (finally!), red, brown, and orange leaves falling all around, and all things pumpkin spice. After wearing light, minimal makeup during the summer (who wants product melting down their face?), fall beauty is all about bold colors, warm undertones, and a little more coverage. The dark, smoky makeup look is the way to go if you’re looking for a new cosmetic style for the changing seasons.Smoky Makeup for Fall

Smoky makeup is sexy, alluring, and fun. Start with three shades of eye product: something dark, something medium, and something either lighter or the same color as your skin tone. Use shades of black, grey, or brown for the classic smokey eye look. Use warm tones of orange, red, or gold for fall colors. For something bold, try yellow, green, or violet shades.

You’re going to apply the darkest shade first. Using either an eye pencil or a small brush, spread it along the lash line and work it up towards the crease, gently blending out the edges as you go. Next, apply the medium shade to the smudged-out part of the darker shade, taking it into the crease and fading it out with a fluffy brush. Take a small brush and apply the medium shade under your eyes, along the lash line. Lastly, take the lightest shade and blend it in from the eye socket to the brow bone. Make everything seamless by taking a fluffy brush and sweeping your face powder around the smoky eye for a flawless transition.

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