Addison’s Amazing Appetizers – Sliders

Addison's Amazing Appetizers - Sliders
Chilis Big Mouth Bites always hit the spot

I may be wrong on this one, but I feel like sliders are highly underrated. I get it, their size makes some people overlook them because they feel like they might not get full. But sliders are meant to be eaten as a “group” if you will. Unlike its bigger family members, (full-size hamburger), sliders fit more on the appetizer side of the menu and thus normally come in 2, 4, or more serving sizes.

But let’s get to the list of where to get some delicious sliders in Addison.

Yard House serves up their Classic Sliders which are flat-griddled and smashed with cheddar, special sauce, pickles on toasted brioche buns, and house fries.

I love Snuffer’s. It has been one of my favorite burger spots for a very long time. If you love their burgers as much as I do, it’s hard to pick one when it’s time to order. But with their 2 or 3 Mix and Match Sliders with Fries option, you can sample a few different burgers in slider form! Choose from their house favorites like the Mushroom Swiss, Bacon Cheddar, Bleu Cheese Bacon, Bacon Avocado, BBQ, or Classic Cheddar. It’s a great option for when you can’t decide on just one.

Addison's Amazing Appetizers - Sliders
Snuffers Sliders are the right way to sample Snuffers burgers

Over at The Midway Point on Midway Rd. their Starters menu includes Mini Burgers. These delicious sliders are served with grilled onion and au jus.

Don’t sleep on Chili’s Big Mouth Bites. You get 4 mini burgers served with bacon, American cheese, sauteed onions, and house-made ranch. You can also get them as part of their famous Triple Dipper from their Appetizers menu.

Bonus: Looking for something different? Head to Sidecar Social for brunch on Saturdays or Sundays and try their Kentucky Hot Brown Breakfast Sliders. They are made with roasted turkey, ham, bacon, roasted tomato, a scrambled egg, shredded cheddar, and cheese sauce and served with a side of breakfast potatoes. It’s a totally different experience!

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