The 80s Are Back!

80s fashion is making a comeback this year – you’ve probably already seen some oversized blazers and dance-inspired looks, not to mention the bold colors and bright geometric patterns. As fashion is cyclical, meaning it goes through cycles that come and go, it’s no surprise that the 80s are back yet again.The 80s Are Back!

The eighties were about boundary-breaking, vibrancy, and chaos, with different subcultures taking center stage. Fashion from this decade is bright, bold, and colorful, with a wide range of patterns and textures used. Popular articles of clothing from this period include vibrant workout outfits, slick leather/military jackets, high-waisted denim jeans, loose windbreakers, New Romantic ruffled and puffed sleeve blouses, and statement glamour pieces. Truly, this era was defined by the “Anything Goes” mentality.

Where to Shop for 80’s Fashion

Rokit Vintage

A UK-based online store, Rokit Vintage specializes in vintage clothing from past decades, from the 1940s to 2000s. Their 80s section has a wide selection of apparel from over 70 designers and brands for all body types. With its biker jackets, wild colors, bold logos, and denim galore, Rokit Vintage is a fantastic place to purchase authentic 80s clothing. 

Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage stores a wide range of 80s-inspired style clothing. The brand doesn’t sell vintage pieces but rather vintage-inspired clothing based on the most iconic trends of the past decades. While their 80s clothes are not genuinely vintage, they are still high-quality, authentic reproductions that perfectly capture the striking colors and bold aesthetic of the 1980s.


A unique online retailer that specializes in second-hand vintage clothing, Ragstock is an excellent place to shop for 80s fashion. Ragstock organizes all their pieces into specific collections such as “Vintage 80s Sweaters”, “Vintage Tie-Dye,” “Motorcycle Jackets,” and “80s T-Shirts,” to name a few. If you’re thrifting for 80s clothing, Ragstock has a vast selection of pieces to choose from.


If you’re looking for affordable clothing and accessories you can get delivered quickly, Amazon is your go-to site. Amazon is a great place to shop for 80s fashion if you’re going to a themed party or looking for a Halloween costume. You can find everything there – from neon leggings and headbands to leather biker jackets and power-dressing suits.

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