Soar to New Heights With PlaneSmart! Aviation

Have you ever dreamed of gliding through the skies, feeling the wind in your hair and the thrill of freedom beneath your wings? Well, look no further, because PlaneSmart! Aviation is here to turn your aviation dreams into reality! Prepare for takeoff as we soar into the exhilarating world of PlaneSmart! Aviation, where adventure knows no bounds.

Located in Addison, Texas, this licensed air carrier offers innovative and cost-effective air transportation, along with private aircraft management solutions to pilots and non-pilots alike. From high-performance piston, turboprop, and jet airplanes – pick whichever your heart desires. With convenient fleet access, many clients consider its programs as an efficient and cost-Soar to New Heights With PlaneSmart! Aviationeffective alternative to commercial airline travel.

Air Transportation Services

PlaneSmart! Aviation offers unique services built to cater to your needs. Are you someone with an occasional need to supplement your primary aviation solution? Opt for the air charter service, a private air travel solution that is ARGUS gold safety rated and provides professional service. In addition, leases will let you share access to one or more aircraft and have operational control for each flight you make. If you are an interested and qualified pilot, then you can do the flying, or simply hire a pilot to take you where you want to go.

Soar above the concerns, rigidity, and inefficiency of commercial air travel. PlaneSmart! Aviation’s corporate charter service offers your team unprecedented flexibility for essential business trips. The diverse fleet of jet and turboprop business aircraft options can match any mission profile. Schedule a trip, show up, and climb aboard!


Soar to New Heights With PlaneSmart! Aviation

And of course, we cannot fail to mention the Cirrus Program! This fleet of Cirrus aircraft allows you to conveniently fly yourself to destinations across the U.S., while also enjoying safety, comfort, and performance features of this technologically advanced aircraft.

Owner Services

PlaneSmart!’s aircraft management program not only relieves you from the stress of owning an aircraft, but can offset its costs too! This special program is a comprehensive service at the direction of each aircraft owner including managing inspections and maintenance, maintaining necessary records, and optional charter and leaseback programs to offset your expenses when the plane is not otherwise in use. You can also use their brokerage services to purchase or sell an aircraft, or let them find an Aircraft and partner for you.

PlaneSmart! Charter is a FAR 135 charter operator. Some owners choose to add their airplane to the charter fleet, enabling PlaneSmart! to book flights and increase the productivity of their airplane, subject to FAA 135 oversight. For the prospective owner, PlaneSmart!’s Brokerage team can help you find a plane that would perform well under charter operations.

TrainingSoar to New Heights With PlaneSmart! Aviation

Picture this: you’re strapped into the cockpit of a sleek, powerful aircraft, your heart racing with excitement as you prepare for the ultimate airborne escapade. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a complete newbie, PlaneSmart Aviation has something for everyone, from the adrenaline-pumping private pilot program, transition training, instrument rating, and recurrency training.

With PlaneSmart!, the sky’s the limit. Visit its website for more information!

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