Mary Kay Celebrates 60 Years

Mary Kay Celebrates 60 YearsYou may have noticed a few extra pink Cadillacs around town this week. The annual MK Seminar just took place at the Dallas Convention Center, and many of the 20,000 attendees made a point to stop by Mary Kay’s Addison headquarters while in the area. Why is this such a big deal? Mary Kay is celebrating 60 years of Enriching Women’s Lives!

To celebrate their 60th anniversary, Vice President of Public Affairs Anne Crews, who has been with the organization for 40 years, invited Mayor Bruce Arfsten to experience the event firsthand.

Mary Kay, founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963 (on Friday, September 13th!), is more than a makeup brand. Ash founded the company with a sole purpose: to empower all women to be their very best.  Mary Kay Ash created an opportunity for women to define their own successes and control their own futures – an opportunity that wasn’t available until she created it. Mary Kay stays true to that purpose in 2023 and beyond.Mary Kay Celebrates 60 Years

Mary Kay continues to enrich the lives of women by offering business opportunities. Independent Beauty Consultants are independent business owners with the flexibility to grow their businesses in ways that work best for them. On top of this, Mary Kay offers high-quality makeup and skincare products. With a wide range of products, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

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