Decrease Pollution in Your Daily Commute

Pollution poses a critical threat to earth and our lives. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 9 out of 10 people, all over the world, are living in polluted areas. Estimations unveil a worrying death count of 7 million individuals passing from ambient (outdoor) and household air pollution each year. 

Every year roughly 4.2 million people die from exposure to ambient air pollution. Now is the time to ask yourself, what can you be doing to make a change? Trade in your car for an alternative method of traveling. Transportation is a large contributor to air pollutants so simply swapping your means of commuting can make all the difference.


Carpooling is a great way to not only socialize but save money on gas. If you’re headed to the same destination, whether it’s school or work, then consider saving a trip via carpool. You’re not only saving time, you’re saving the amount of pollutants that are emitted into the air.

Decrease Pollution in Your Daily CommutePublic Transportation

Public transportation has been around for ages but the amount of users has steadily decreased. It’s time to bring it back. Traveling by bus, train, or taxi is an efficient way to reduce air pollution and save money!

The Addison Transit Center is located at 4925 Arapaho Road between Quorum Drive and Addison Road. Parking is free and there are 300 spaces to choose from. Here you have access to 15 different bus routes that can get you all around Addison. Check the schedule to see the times or call (214) 979-1111 with any questions you might have.


Decrease Pollution in Your Daily Commute
New Kinetic Bike Sculpture planned for Silver Line Hike and Bike Trail!

Biking is a fantastic form of exercise and is a great substitute for using your car. Take that bicycle that’s rusting in the garage and use it to get to your destination. It might leave you sore but at least you’re physically making it to your target!

Addison locals can look forward to the city’s implementation of a biking trail. The Beltway Drive Trail Project is currently underway and will connect visitors with major destinations all throughout the area. In February, the final conceptual design was presented at a city council meeting and steps were taken to develop the construction documents. Get excited about this green project!

DART Rail SystemDecrease Pollution in Your Daily Commute

Did you know that the DART rail system is the longest rail system in the United States at 93 miles? It can get you pretty much anywhere you want to go. It’s perfect for commuting to your job in Downtown Dallas or anywhere else in the area. DART’s GoLink service offers an on-demand ride service on your schedule. See more information on GoLink and plan your commute here.

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