Beige is Out, Color is In! Essential Colorful Home Décor Pieces

Gone are the days of subtle neutrals; here are the days of vibrant color. Bright shades of varying colors draw the eye and make a powerful impression. A surefire way to add color to any room in your house or apartment is by having statement home décor pieces; it’s also an excellent way to showcase your personality simultaneously. No matter your style, there are a few home décor pieces every person needs to have. Beige is Out, Color is In! Essential Colorful Home Décor Pieces

Decorative Books

Decorative books are a fantastic way to bring character to any space. They can be brand-new or vintage, big or small, and in any genre you want. Books never go out of style, and they’re great for filling in spaces or adding height and texture to tables and bookcases. 

Vases and BowlsBeige is Out, Color is In! Essential Colorful Home Décor Pieces

Vases and bowls are timeless and classic and can be used in rooms across the house. Versatile, practical, and fashionable, vases and bowls come in various materials, like seagrass, clay, wood, glass, or metal, and styles, such as vintage, farmhouse, boho, and modern. They can be placed on dining tables, consoles, coffee tables, and credenzas.

Throw BlanketsBeige is Out, Color is In! Essential Colorful Home Décor Pieces

Aside from using them as a way to keep warm and comfortable, throw blankets soften and add warmth to any room. They can be styled in many ways, including folding, hanging, or draping over a piece of furniture, on the end of a bed, or inside a basket – the possibilities are endless!

Plants and Greenery

There is something about nature that is soothing and nourishing to the soul, so why not bring that inside your home? Whether you use natural or artificial elements, flowers, plants, and greenery bring life and soul into any space. Real flowers, plants, and greenery can boost your mood and clean the air, which can hold toxins.


Trays are great for organizing clutter, come in various sizes and shapes, and can be used in every room. A tray can be used in the kitchen to keep daily-used items handy next to the stove or oven. In living and dining rooms, they can be used to display photos, books, or flowers. In the entryway, trays can be used to collect mail, keys, or pocket change.

Decorative Pillows

Simultaneously practical and beautiful, decorative pillows help make any space better. They can be used in any room on top of sofas, chairs, benches, baskets, and shelves. Decorative pillows are incredibly affordable and come in a variety of colors, textures, styles, and shapes.

 Beige is Out, Color is In! Essential Colorful Home Décor Pieces Wall Art

Blank walls are prime real estate for home décor with a special place in your heart. Wall art can be anything from acrylic or oil paintings, photographic prints, and framed illustrations to signs, decals, tapestries, or macrame. Hang up the items you adore to put the finishing touches on your home.

Where to Shop

We’ve put together a list of the best shops and businesses to buy colorful home decor pieces from:

  • Etsy – Those looking for creative and unique finds should browse through all the small business shops on Etsy.
  • Charter Furniture – A local and family-owned business, Charter Furniture has a variety of bookcases, small tables, lamps, lighting options, art, and wall décor to choose from, no matter what color, size, or material you’re looking for.
  • At Home – Not only do they receive thousands of new items frequently, but all the products come with the Best Price Promise and an excellent Returns Policy. 
  • Target – Besides any sales they might have announced in the weekly ad, you can also find special deals and coupons exclusively in the Target app.
  • Nordstrom – High-quality and luxury items are a staple for loyal Nordstrom customers. 

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