Adopt a Furry Friend

We all delight in friendship, but there’s nothing quite like the companionship of a pet. Dogs are the prime example of unconditional love. After all, there’s a reason they’re called man’s best friend! They wake you up with face kisses and fall asleep at the foot of your bed. They say nothing but give it all. The only possible downside is you have to take them on walks, but even then they make sure you’re getting in your daily exercise. Dogs can improve your quality of life, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re undoubtedly adorable!Adopt a Furry Friend

Dogs don’t just make for good company, they better your well-being. They boost our mental health by providing ceaseless cuddles and emotional support. The National Library of Medicine concluded that pet ownership promotes lower levels of loneliness. Pet ownership helps address social isolation.

Petting or laying near your dog can largely lower anxiety and stress levels. Simply playing with your dog can ease signs of mental health disorders. You’re even less likely to develop heart disease or low blood pressure by physically engaging with your dog. According to John Hopkins Medicine, the social connection between owners and their dogs increases the hormone oxytocin, which is the same chemical released when mothers give birth to babies. There’s clearly a beneficial bond between people and their dogs.

Aside from helping with social isolation, dogs actually strengthen our social interactions. They alter the way we connect with others. Dog owners tend to be more open to people, initiate conversation and maintain an overall positive attitude. Their countenance makes them more approachable, and they carry the confidence to approach others.

You can change your life and another life by adopting from your local city. The city of Addison regularly updates their list of pups that have been recently impounded and are available for adoption. Adoption prices start at just $10 and all dogs are up to date on shots. Cody’s Friends Rescue campaigns for the adoption of rescue pets. Almost half of animals in shelters are dogs, and the heart of their organization is to find a forever home for deserving canines.

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