Discover Tofu Treasures in The Corridor

On July 27, prepare to embark on a tofu-filled adventure that will entice your taste buds with delicious plant-based cuisine. During World Tofu Day, tofu enthusiasts around the globe pay homage to one of the most versatile and beloved soybean creations out there. So, grab your appetite, and let’s explore a culinary quest for mouth-watering tofu delights that await in the North Dallas Corridor!

#1. Flower Child

Discover Tofu Treasures in The CorridorFlower Child is on a simple, soul-satisfying mission to serve positively delicious vibes to the Addison community. Full of nourishing goodness, the made-from-scratch menu caters to all lifestyles. Fill your soul (and your belly) with plenty of tofu goodness, whether as an added protein, plate, or entrée. Experience bold flavors and a touch of spice with Sichuan Green Beans and Snap Peas, a vibrant entrée with red chili crunch, crumbled tofu, cashew, and cilantro that will surely leave a delightful tingle on your palate.

Looking for something to add next to your tofu-licious entrée? Transport yourself to the bustling streets of Thailand with Flower Child’s Thai Dye Wrap, a meticulous blend of spicy tofu, Thai basil, avocado, carrot, daikon radish, cilantro, and snap pea carefully wrapped in pita bread.

#2. Ramen HakataDiscover Tofu Treasures in The Corridor

Immerse yourself in a Japanese-style atmosphere with genuine Japanese ramen from Ramen Hakata in Addison! Ramen Hakata offers a real taste of Japan that features a unique type of ramen known as Tonkotsu Ramen, which is popular in the Asian country. At Ramen Hakata, you can enjoy traditional Japanese ramen with rich flavors of pork-based broth topped with a healthy dose of tofu! Try the Vegetarian Soy Ramen or Vegetarian Miso Ramen, both featuring a medley of milky broth, fried tofu, stir-fried cabbage, onion, and plenty of other bountiful vegetables. There’s even Vegetarian Shoyu Ramen with fried tofu, buttered corn, avocado, and more.

Discover Tofu Treasures in The CorridorIf you are craving something new, the restaurant offers several other tofu dishes like Spicy Mazemen, Yakisoba, Agedashi Tofu, and Mazemen! Check out the menu here!

#3. BCD Tofu House

Experience the wonders of Korean cuisine at BCD Tofu House! Known as ‘the original tofu restaurant,’ it is no wonder it is referred to as The House That Tofu Built. BCD Tofu House is home to authentic appetizers like Crispy Garlic Tofu Bites and Tofu Japchae. However, the restaurant is widely known for its assorted tofu soup, or Soon Tofu, served in an epic bubbling hot-stone pot. This soup comes in many styles, including traditional, meaty, vegetable, or seafood-based.

With nearly ten different flavors of Soon Tofu, view the menu and take your pick!

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