Addison’s Amazing Appetizers – Onion Rings

The origin of one of the most popular appetizers goes as far back as 1802 when a British recipe called for onions to be cut into slices and then dipped in batter and deep fried in lard. Yes, we are talking about delicious onion rings! Is there a better way to eat an onion than covering it in batter and deep frying it? My guess is no. Whether you dip them in ketchup, spicy mayo, creamy horseradish, or your own invention, this appetizer deserves all the love.


We took on the challenge of finding some delicious onion rings around Addison, and with National Onion Ring Day coming up in a few days, the timing is perfect.


Addison's Amazing Appetizers - Onion Rings
Celebrate National Onion Ring Day with thick cut onion rings at Liberty Burger.

Let’s start at Liberty Burger where they make the Big O Rings “Big, thick cut, Steak House style.” These are massive and so tasty. If you’re out with friends, make sure they get their own because you won’t want to share.


This summer at Jakes on Midway they are featuring their Hay Stack crispy onion straws served with Honey Money Sauce. A great pairing with any of their burgers. And speaking of burgers, the Jakes Ranch Burger actually has crispy onion rings in it! The best of both worlds.


Addison's Amazing Appetizers - Onion Rings
How about a Tower of Onion rings at Yard House?

Yard House at the Village on the Parkway serves up a beer-battered Onion Ring Tower, chipotle ranch, and buttermilk ranch that is simply delicious. It’s a delicious game of onion rings Jenga where everyone is a winner.


We can’t skip out on some of the fast-food spots serving up some pretty great onion rings. Don’t sleep on Whataburger’s onion rings along with their spicy ketchup. Or a large order of onion rings at Sonic Drive-In with a Route 44 Cherry Limeade.


Celebrate National Onion Ring Day this Jun. 22 with an onion ring tower, or a large order of onion rings and a cherry limeade, or grab an order of some Big O Rings and make it a party with friends. We are here for it.

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