New Businesses at the Addison Airport

If you’re wandering through Addison Airport, you can find many shops and businesses around. With so many options, you might think the airport is just a little mall, giving you plenty of places to visit and find things you’d probably not find elsewhere. But did you know that if you’re a resident of the sky, you can find multiple services at the airport that can help with your love of flying?New Businesses at the Addison Airport

Galaxy FBO

Addison provides its own FBO service. For those who don’t know, an FBO is a Fixed Base Operation given to commercial enterprises that provide aviation services to the general aviation community. Therefore, you can get fueling, parking, and hangar space if you own a plane. Galaxy FBO is special because you get all the basic necessities, along with special perks with working with them, like crew cars, uninterrupted ramp space, a flight planning room, and much more.

Rising Aviation High School

If you’re a parent, and your child/teen has dreams and aspirations of flying planes, Addison offers the perfect institute tailored for these gifted children. Rising Aviation High School provides open enrollment in the DFW metroplex, giving them hands-on experience at their own pace. They offer experience with being around planes and operating them and allow your child to get their license and certification to use drones. If your child is considering a future in the skies, this is the perfect place to get the needed experience.

U.S Customs

If you think Addison has already offered so much, you’ll be shocked to learn that Addison Airport also has its own customs building. Operating Monday through Friday, from 10 AM to 7 PM. They’re a needed service, and if you’re looking to transport something through customs, you can use the Addison office to get things in and out at your convenience with a team of people who want to make your life as easy as possible.

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