Corridor Steakhouses

June is National Steakhouse Month. You might ask, why a whole month and not the standard day? The short answer is, WE LOVE STEAK in the U.S. and a day simply isn’t enough. For us here in Addison and the Corridor, we certainly need the whole month. We have some fantastic steakhouses that people come from all over to eat aat. You need the whole month in order to really spend the necessary time on each one.


Let’s start with the 2022 RCA Reader’s Choice Award Winner, Chamberlain’s Steak & Fish. Chef Richard Chamberlain opened Chamberlain’s in 1993 and has become a staple among the great steakhouses across the country. 40 Day Aged Filet Mignon, 40 Day Aged Prime Ribeye, 40 Day Aged Prime Bone-in Ribeye, 40 Day Aged Prime NY Strip, Local Wagyu NY Strip, Local Wagyu Ribeye, and Japanese A-5 Wagyu makes up the Steaks Menu. To be completely honest, it’s really hard to pick one when we visit. They are all so good! Check out the full menu on the Chamberlain’s website,


Treat yourself to a nice meal l at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. This steakhouse offers a full Brazilian Experience, with a vast selection of smoked meats and market-fresh salad bar options. Guests are treated with Gaucho-Style hospitality, with meats that are cut fresh at the table. This is the perfect spot for a date, or to take the whole family.


Corridor Steakhouses
The classic prime rib at Lawry’s The Prime Rib is a whole dining experience.

Next, we are going to visit another iconic steakhouse and the reason why salads are actually part of the dining experience at restaurants today. Lawry’s The Prime Rib started out in Beverly Hills and has become one of the nation’s most well-recognized steakhouses. They are credited with inventing the tradition of serving a salad before the main course. Their steak menu includes a smoked Filet Mignon which is just incredible. But the star of the show is their classic prime rib. From the California Cut which is a smaller portion to the Lawry Cut, their traditional cut to the Beef Bowl Double Cut which is a double-sized bone-in portion this is a whole experience.


Corridor Steakhouses
Celebrate National Steakhouse Month at Chamberlain’s Steak and Fish with an American Bison Strip Steak.

Al Biernat’s North has now made Addison it’s home for a few years. I remember how excited I was when it was announced that they were opening a location down right here in our part of town. My first steak at Al Biernat’s was the Prime Cowboy Ribeye. One of the few times I’ve been left speechless. The sweet aroma of the grilled steak will hit the table before the steak does, creating this sense of anticipation that you are about to feel really good. The menu features other amazing cuts such as a Wagyu New York Strip, Prime Tomahawk Ribeye, and a Dry Aged Prime Porterhouse.


Nate’s Seafood & Steakhouse is THE place for Cajun cuisine and of course crawfish, but do not sleep on their steaks! Ribeye, filets, NY Strip, and more prepared with a Cajun twist. These steaks are full of flavor and cooked to perfection. My go-to is the ribeye served with shrimp and crab etouffee. You have to try it. It’s the perfect combination.


Do you have a favorite steakhouse in Addison? Share it with us in the comments section so we can try it out during National Steakhouse Month.

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