Veterinary Care in the Corridor

Our furry friends are oftentimes our best buds, so why not help them stay healthy and strong?

There are many veterinary options to choose from in the corridor. There are many things to consider when choosing a new veterinary clinic. How friendly, knowledgeable, reliable and even affordable the vet is. 


At CityVet they have medical, dental and surgical services available. In addition, they have boarding and ‘DayPlay’ programs to choose from. DayPlay is essentially a daycare for dogs! While you run errands during the day or if you have to go to work, you can take your pup to DayPlay where they can run around with other dogs and use up some of their energy. CityVet also offers a rewards system for its clients. Points can be earned and spent on food, supplies or services. Veterinary Care in the Corridor


Another option to consider is Isla Veterinary Boutique Hospital. They provide a range of services including allergy management, emergency pet care, health certificates for traveling, weight management and geriatric pet care just to name a few. For more advanced care there are options such as soft tissue surgery, in-house diagnostic testing and quality of life counseling. Quality of life counseling allows pet owners to better understand their pet who is in their senior days to make sure that they are having the best health in life. 


Lastly, at Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic there is parasite prevention ready to tackle fleas, ticks, heartworms along with other parasites. Pet safety is their top priority so there is also nutritional counseling which helps patients navigate which food brands and ingredients are best for your pet. Grooming is also an option for owners to help keep up with pet maintenance. Grooming includes a pet being bathed and brushed as well as trimming their coat and nails if needed. Pets all have different needs, but there is no need to feel overwhelmed because the veterinarian will help walk you through your pet’s treatment plan.

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