Outcry Theatre Presents Hamlet

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Wait a minute… Wrong Shakespearean play! Listen, it might be difficult at times to keep up with the tango of William but not with the rhythm of Outcry Theatre here in Addison!Outcry Theatre Presents Hamlet

Fun fact: Hamlet is the longest play written by William Shakespeare. It’s a part of the Four Great Tragedies, and it’s also the most popular and most produced out of all his plays.

Are you wondering who makes this production different? Who sets it apart from the gazillion productions put on?

Outcry Theatre. That’s who!

They’re visceral. They’re energetic. They’re youthful. They’re Outcry!

The aim of Outcry Theatre is to lure in youth and young adults to the theatre as both spectators and performers, but of course anyone and everyone of all ages is encouraged to come. After all, youth is but a mindset!

Outcry Theatre Presents HamletOutcry Theatre wholeheartedly believes the youth are the foundation of our future and values the importance of the arts. They strive to integrate the arts into the lives of young people to uplift them to become long-lasting artists and art appreciators.

Now, back to Hamlet! Here’s a quick synopsis in case you skipped the required reading in high school or need a quick refresher.

Set in Denmark, the play portrays Prince Hamlet and his ventures to exact vengeance against his uncle, Claudius, who’s taken the life of Hamlet’s father as to seize his throne and marry Hamlet’s mother.

Expect to experience mortality, revenge, madness, truth, deceit, thought, action, and everything else in between—Shakespeare never fails to cease every possible human emotion.

If you’re looking to experience Hamlet from a fresh perspective and vigorous lens, then Outcry Theatre is the theatre for you!

They’ll be showcasing the classic performance for a limited time April 28th to May 7th. You don’t want to miss out on this youthful glow!

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