How to Handle Humidity and Hair

Humidity is not a fun thing to deal with – not only is the hot, humid air sticky and uncomfortable, but it also causes issues to your hair daily. To avoid the frustration and extra time, it takes to keep your hair how you want it, take good care of it and use the right products. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your hair frizzy-free during the humid months.How to Handle Humidity and Hair


Clarify Your Scalp

Just like everything else in life, it helps to have a good, strong foundation, which in this case, is your scalp. Redness, irritation, and build-up from products cause your scalp to suffer and exacerbate humidity’s effects. Use a clarifying/detoxing shampoo once a week and follow it up with moisturizing scalp products.


Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Humidity and sweat make you feel like you must constantly wash your hair, but over-washing can do more harm than good. Opt for moisturizing products in your haircare routine, such as leave-in conditioner and hair oils, to help nourish your hair. Your hair needs natural oils, and shampooing strips them during the wash. 


Choose the Right Hair Style

When humidity strikes, doing your hair in a relaxed hairstyle is a good choice. Not only will you look good and reduce time getting ready in the morning, but these hairstyles will also help keep you more relaxed and cooler by keeping most of the hair off your neck. Think of styles like twists, messy buns, cute braids, stylish top knots, and high ponytails. 


How to Handle Humidity and HairUse the Right Drying Technique (and Towel)

How you dry your hair is crucial in fighting the air’s humidity. Make sure to get all the moisture out of your hair; otherwise, it will get frizzy and prone to breakage and damage—towel-dry by squeezing your hair, not roughing it up. Soft microfiber towels are gentle on your hair and dry it faster too. This tip will make your hair softer, more voluminous, and bouncy, reducing split ends.


Protect Your Hair with the Right Products

Applying smoothing and protective products such as gels, serums, hair milks, and leave-in conditioners helps lock in moisture to your hair. Essentially, these products seal in the nourishing ingredients while creating a protective layer over the hair to prevent your locks from expanding and frizzing up during humid times.

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