Have a More Productive Monday

We all look forward to the weekend, and sometimes it can seem all too short. You might even get the “Sunday scaries” on Sunday night, which is the overwhelming feeling of anxiety about the week ahead of you. Those feelings don’t have to be the case though! If you prepare yourself before Monday comes, you can have a successful and productive Monday. Here are some tips on how to do just that.Have a More Productive Monday


To-Do List

Writing out a to-do list on Sunday that lays out your priorities for Monday is a great way to start your week off right. Doing this allows you to go into Monday already knowing what you need to get done. You can go the classic route of using a planner or calendar, or you can use a project management tool like Notion or Asana to help you stay even more organized. I find this method to be very helpful as it helps me feel motivated on Monday morning.


Have a More Productive MondaySet Your Alarms

Making sure you have an alarm (or two) set for Monday morning is key to having a more productive first day of the week. I would recommend even waking up thirty minutes earlier on Monday to give yourself time to decompress before starting your busy day. It might be a little difficult when you first start doing it, but I promise that once you get in the habit of doing it, you’ll feel more prepared and relaxed on Monday morning.


Sleep Consistently

Getting enough sleep is really important for having energy throughout the day, especially when you’re resetting after the weekend. Going to bed at a set time on Sunday night will make it easier for you to get up on Monday morning and help you feel well-rested, which boosts productivity.


Reset Your MindHave a More Productive Monday

Use your Sunday evening as a self care night! Relax and do something that you enjoy that calms you down so that you’re ready to take on whatever Monday has in store for you. You could go on a nice walk, or take a yoga class at Samatone Yoga. Your self care activity can be something as simple as enjoying a nice cup of tea while watching your favorite TV show or reading a good book.


Change Your Mindset

Having a more productive Monday can be as easy as simply changing your attitude about Mondays. Don’t dread the start of a new week – instead, think of it as a new opportunity to get things done and be successful. Having a better mindset will lead to you having a better day overall, and inspire you to be the most productive version of yourself.

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