Sports Injury Prevention and Treatment

Spring is among us, and along with the warm weather and blooming flowers comes the beginning of many recreational sports. Each year, numerous athletes are injured throughout practice and game time in ways that could have been preventable. So, how do we avoid these injuries from occurring?Sports Injury Prevention and Treatment


Running straight to the court, field, or wherever you play your sport and jumping straight into the game can be tempting. However, this is the easiest way to cause injury! Make sure to include dynamic movements and stretches to keep your entire body moving. Prepare for more intense activity with a few minutes of low-intensity exercise. This movement could be as simple as moderate walking or jumping jacks.


Don’t forget to drink water! Proper hydration allows your body to maintain its highest performance levels and regulate its temperature levels. Drinking water will even prevent muscle cramps!


Wearing proper gear is one of the simplest ways to prevent yourself from injury. Most sports require equipment for their players, but the gear you wear will depend on which sport you play. Traditional sports gear includes helmets, elbow and knee pads, mouthguards, and cleats. Make sure that your equipment is fit snugly to ensure it stays in place while you play. 

Active recovery

Believe it or not, your recovery time is as essential as your warm-up! Adding gentle movement to your rest days will help to increase blood circulation and helps your muscles to recover, therefore boosting your performance on active days. Ideas for active recovery days include going on a walk or practicing gentle yoga.

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Treating injuries

Of course, not every sports injury is preventable. If you find yourself with one, the best route is to visit the emergency room. Advance ER is a twenty-four-hour emergency center with qualified physicians who will provide you proper treatment to stop your injury on its track and save it from intensifying. For more information, call them at 214-247-7909 (Galleria) or 214-494-8222 (Park Cities). 

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