Improve Your Commute with Public Transportation

There are so many benefits to using public transportation, especially when you have to commute to work. Driving to work when you have an hour or longer commute is not only tedious, but can also add up quickly when it comes to spending money on gas. Public transportation is a much cheaper and more energy-efficient way to get around when your destination is farther than just around the corner. Addison has several options for commuters who want to utilize public transportation!


The DART Rail System

Dallas’ DART rail system is an amazing method of getting around, especially for those longer commutes. Getting tickets for the train is as easy as using the Go Pass app, where you can get a day pass or just a single ride pass. There are four train lines to help you reach your destination – red, blue, green and orange. Each line has its own route, which you can download on the DART website. 

Riding the train is personally my favorite form of public transportation. I find it to be very peaceful, and it allows me to get other tasks done while I’m on my way to a destination. Plenty of people bring their laptops with them while commuting on the train and use the spare time to get work or other projects done, while others simply pop in their headphones and relax.


Improve Your Commute with Public Transportation

The DART Bus Service 

The local bus system in Addison is another great way to improve your commute. Riding the bus is not only cost effective, but very easy! The Addison Transit Center is the hub for 15 different bus pickup and drop-off areas. The buses are in service from Monday through Saturday, and the transit center has free parking available as well as bike racks. The DART bus service also has a feature on their website that helps you plan a trip to ensure that you’re not late and that you don’t get lost.


Bike Routes

Biking is an alternative form of transportation that is also a good form of exercise! Whether you decide to ride your bike all the way to where you need to go, or you find a trail that’s halfway there and only bike part of the way, it’s still an amazing option. 

There are several nice bike trails in Addison, including White Rock Creek Trail, Arapaho Trail and Redding Trail.


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