Get Vacation Ready at European Wax Center

Prime tourist season is in full bloom! You know Texans—the odds are we’re either prepping for a trip to Destin or Cabo San Lucas this time of year. Those are the only two viable options! The annual ritual requires taxing planning. Moms know exactly what I’m talking about. After finalizing the itinerary and packing list, you’ll probably be hit with that familiar dread of thinking something’s missing.

You’d be right, like always! Something is missing. But this time it’s self-care. Treat yourself to a wax that will leave you worry-free. There’s no reason to feel anxious about razor bumps or unwanted hair growing back long before your vacation is over. Get Vacation Ready at European Wax Center

Hair typically starts growing back 3 days after shaving, on the contrary, it won’t make an appearance until 3 to 4 weeks after waxing. There’s clearly an obvious winner, and your local European Wax Center is ready to leave you with smooth, bump-free skin!

These are the three options you’ll want to consider before you pop into that cute little one-piece you ordered off Amazon Prime.

Bikini Line

The name is self-explanatory. It’s the most popular form of waxing due to the fact that it tidies up the most visible spot. Forget those razor bumps that spring up 10 minutes after shaving. You’ll be able to comfortably walk on the beach or lounge in a chair without feeling self-conscious of irritated skin.

The price starts at $48. 

Bikini Full

Once again, the name speaks for itself! The difference this time is your personal preference. Most assume a bikini full strips all the hair off the targeted area, but you actually have the option to strip as much or as little as you desire. You can even design the shape!

The price starts at $54. 


This name is more obscure. In fact, a lot of people confuse it with a Bikini Full. A Brazilian is the one that leaves you entirely hairless. If you’re going for that newborn skin feel, then this is the pick for you!

The price starts at $62. 

I have to warn you, if you go, you’re guaranteed to leave as a loyal customer. Once you wax, you never go back!

Especially down at European Wax Center! Click the blue to lead you directly to the services, or feel free to call (469) 726-4464 with any questions.

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