Get a Mommy Makeover at Setty Plastics

Get a Mommy Makeover at Setty PlasticsEveryone deserves to feel like the best version of themselves, and that includes mothers! We all know the old saying that goes “when you look good, you feel good.” That saying could not be more true. If you are a mom who is on the journey to being her best self on the outside and inside, then a mommy makeover might be the thing for you. You can treat yourself to some self care and get a mommy makeover at Setty Plastics!

So, what is a mommy makeover anyways? Well, it’s a procedure that “uses a combination of liposuction and skin removal” to rejuvenate parts of your body that pregnancy and childbirth have affected, like your stomach and breasts. Setty Plastics offers both surgical (such as the liposuction and skin removal) and non-surgical (laser treatments, resurfacing, and wrinkle relaxers) procedures as part of their mommy makeover package. Whether you are looking to get a breast augmentation, lift or reduction, or you want a tummy tuck, they have you covered!Get a Mommy Makeover at Setty Plastics

At Setty Plastics, Dr. Naveen Setty customizes every mommy makeover according to what each patient is looking to achieve so that every woman leaves feeling confident and happy with herself. A major benefit of their mommy makeover package is that each procedure you want is done at the same time rather than separately. This aids in recovery time and also helps you save money, too!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing, you’re probably wondering what exactly the process for getting a mommy makeover entails, right? To start, you would do a consultation with Dr. Setty to assess what your goals are for your procedure. Then, depending on what you decide to get done, you would spend anywhere from 3-7 hours under anesthesia during the procedure. Afterwards, you’ll start a recovery process at home that will last for a few weeks. According to Setty Plastics, it usually takes around 6 months to fully heal from your mommy makeover.

Making yourself happy is always a good choice, especially for those superheroes we call moms! A mommy makeover at Setty Plastics can be the key to getting that inner glow back that you might have been missing.

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