It’s National Cancer Prevention Month

With February being National Cancer Prevention Month, it’s the perfect time to educate yourself on cancer prevention and make appointments for cancer screenings to ensure you’re in good health. It's National Cancer Prevention Month

According to the American Association for Cancer Research, more than 40 percent of all cancers diagnosed and nearly half of all deaths from cancer can be attributed to preventable causes. These include things like smoking, physical inactivity, and excessive exposure to the sun. Taking steps to quit smoking, maintaining a healthy exercise routine, and properly protecting your skin from the sun can reduce your risk of certain cancers.

Luckily, there are plenty of resources in Addison to help you maintain your health and prevent and treat cancer.

Cancer Prevention

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent cancer. Quitting unhealthy habits such as smoking and excessive drinking is a great place to start. Keeping up with your health through regular doctor’s appointments, healthy eating, and a regular exercise routine are other ways to prevent cancer.

Finding a workout style that you enjoy is the best way to stay consistent. Addison Athletic Club offers a variety of group classes, as long as facilities for weightlifting, cardio, basketball, pickleball, swimming, and more! Yoga is a great way to move your body and practice mindfulness, and Samatone Yoga offers classes for everyone at different skill levels.

It's National Cancer Prevention MonthCancer Screening and Treatment

While taking steps to prevent cancer is important, it is equally important to visit the doctor regularly to ensure you are staying cancer-free. Starting with skin cancers, Dallas Dermatology Partners offers full body screenings as well as recommendations to protect your skin from cancer-causing UV rays. If you do test positive for skin cancers, their doctors can help to provide a treatment plan. Baylor Scott & White Medical Center offers an array of cancer treatments, screening, and prevention services for all types of cancer. It’s recommended to get annual cancer screenings as recommended by your doctor for those that are 40 or older.

By keeping your body healthy and attending regular doctor’s appointments, you can give your body the best chance to prevent cancer later on.

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