Dance the Night Away in Addison

Everyone enjoys a great night out, spending it with friends and family. Some can’t help but jump out of their seats to enjoy the rhythm and beat that certain clubs and restaurants play. If you find yourself as one of those people, look no further. Many clubs and restaurants in the Addison area offer dancing to patrons seeking a nice night out.Dance the Night Away in Addison

Sidecar Social

Sidecar Social is a lounge that offers food and live events where you can sing and dance your night away. You can enjoy their live band karaoke sessions at this lounge every Wednesday at 8 PM. Now and then, they offer different special events like Turnback Tuesday with various DJs, and if you want to have a karaoke session with your friends, they also provide private karaoke rooms. You can locate Sidecar Social at 5100 Belt Line Rd, Addison, TX 75254.

Gloria’s Latin Cuisine (Nightlife Edition)

Would you like to enjoy some live Latin music? Well, Gloria’s Latin Cuisine is the perfect spot for you if you have nothing special to do on a Saturday night. Every Saturday night, Gloria’s Latin Cuisine offers a nightlife moment, allowing you to dance the night away with friends and loved ones, and sometimes there will even be notable guest bands and DJs. If you’d like to have a table of your own or to celebrate a special moment, you can get a VIP table and Bottle Service. You can locate Gloria’s Latin Cuisine at 5100 Belt Line Rd Suite 864, Addison, TX 75254.


With an iconic name like the city, this place is the spot to go when you want to enjoy a night out. Memphis offers food and drinks, and it is a smoke-friendly environment. The cuisine is Cajun based, so you can enjoy gumbo, oysters, crawfish, and even po-boys while enjoying great music and performances. You can find Memphis at 5000 Belt Line Road #500, Dallas, TX 75254

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