Charter Flights at Addison Airport

Did you know Addison is home to the third busiest general aviation (GA) airport in the United States? Let’s fuel that classic Texas ego! It’s guaranteed you’ve locked eyes with a charter flight departing while driving around the block. Unless you’re an aeronautical aficionado, there’s a chance you’re unfamiliar with the field. The sight you’ve grown so accustomed to seeing may look different after you learn about the impact Addison Airport (ADS) has on the town.

Charter Flights at Addison AirportCharter Flights at Addison AirportCharter Flights

Typically, commercial airlines first come to mind when it comes to flying. Think Delta or American Airlines. However, they operate according to strict and predetermined schedules. 

GA airports are exclusively non-commercial and lack scheduled service. They act as the central hub for charter flights—a flight reserved for a specific trip that’s not part of an airline’s published schedule.

A commercial flight is what you would take for a last-minute work trip to Austin or a family vacation to Gulf Shores; a charter flight is what you would take for an all-inclusive package to Cabo or if your company is heading to New York for its annual meeting.

It’s a far more accommodating and flexible option. Aside from communal flights, it’s based entirely on your agenda. Everything is tailored to the needs of the client. The dates, departure time, destination, aircraft, and airport are determined by the individual.

The overall experience and process is refreshingly efficient since you won’t have to worry about the usual crowds, layovers, baggage claim, lines, parking, or privacy. The best part is most GA airports are so small you can show up 15 minutes prior to boarding free of stress!

Now you know the role of a charter flight and understand the appeal. Yet, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are four main types of charter flights you should know.

Public Charter

A public charter, or single entity charter, is when an airline or entity contracts the running of an aircraft and sells tickets to members of the public or via travel agent.

Public charter flights are regularly offered on a seasonal basis. These flights are typically run by tour and vacation package companies. It shouldn’t come as no surprise since tourist season accounts for a significant chunk of their revenue.

Private Charter

A private charter is perhaps the most exclusive of charters. It’s when an individual or company rents out the entirety of an aircraft. The cost is charged to the single client who booked the trip.

Technically, anyone could acquire one, but private charter flights are usually booked by businesses with the means. Sports teams and corporations are the two groups who frequent private flights.

Affinity Charter

An affinity charter is akin to a private charter in the way that passengers on both aircrafts are in attendance with a group. The key difference is each passenger is responsible for their own airfare.

It’s how organizations or businesses without private charter money are able to get around. Picture a plane full of band members heading to The Rose Bowl or political activists on their way to a rally. Affinity charter flights cater to these kinds of groups.

Cargo Charter

Private planes aren’t just for passengers! A cargo charter is dedicated to transporting large volumes of goods and oversized cargo.

It’s a reliable alternative compared to standard air freight shipments since it contains only your items. There’s no need to have concerns about delays, cancellations, and lost items when shipping on a cargo charter flight!

Charter Flights at Addison AirportCharters at Addison Airport

The Addison Airport was marketed as “The World’s Largest Exclusively Executive Airport” at its grand opening ceremony and continues to strive for nothing less.

The airport was founded in 1957 by a group of private investors and operated as a private business enterprise and was shortly acquired by the city itself in 1976. It was then managed by Addison Airport of Texas until it became what we view it as today on January 1, 2001.

Fast forward 20 years, Addison Airport now focuses primarily on business aviation. There’s dozens of charter businesses like Ameristar and PlaneSmart! There’s even two services available 24/7, MillionAir and Atlantic Aviation! That’s how in demand your neighborhood landmark is!

Addison Airport is the economic backbone of the Town of Addison. It’s been completely self-sufficient since day one, which has allowed for an annual contribution in excess of $1 million to be given to the town’s general fund. In 2011, a study concluded Addison Airport supports 2,340 jobs and has an annual economic impact of $370 million!

You might start looking at that plane a little differently after all. Who knows what the town would look like if Addison Airport never ceased to exist…

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