Add Some Color to Your Wardrobe

Spring is approaching faster than you know it and you can’t go wrong when adding a pop of color to your wardrobe. Making a fashion statement never goes out of style and there are many different ways to incorporate colors into your everyday look, so here are a few options:

Shoes that are in bold colors will definitely grab people’s attention before any mute color clothing. If you are planning for your outfit to be brown then consider the color teal or hot pink for your shoes. This piece of advice can be just as relevant to men’s wear as well. If an outfit is all black then wearing red or yellow shoes will make the shoes stand out. At Aldo there are bright red leather high top sneakers that are $118.

Add Some Color to Your Wardrobe

Shirts that are in color will help you brighten up the room. Wearing a lime green shirt and muted gray pants will surely make your top grab attention. At House of Haute there is an “Issa Pleated Sleeve Sheer Blouse” which is a bright green blouse and the style is perfect for business wear. 

In other instances, bold colors with pastels work incredibly well together, for instance, wearing a bright yellow top and pastel purple bottoms will bring back the memories of the 80s pastel trend. 

Add Some Color to Your WardrobePants can be more tricky to pull off because usually, you will make the shirt or shoes the fashion statement, but with pants, you have to double-check that your shoes and shirt help complement your colored pants. Wearing a black top, black shoes, and orange pants will definitely be an eye-catching fashion piece. If you are not too enthusiastic about black being the primary color, trade it in for a white t-shirt and vibrant maroon pants. If you are a ‘shorts’ type of person rather than ‘pants’ then consider ‘Fuschia Faux Leather Shorts’ from A Velvet Window. Top it off with a nude color top and you will have all the attention on you!

Fashion tip: Most times you should avoid wearing bold and bright colors together because they can clash and make an outfit seem overwhelming, so wearing these pieces separately is highly recommended, however, the choice is yours!

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