What is Microblading and Where to Get It Done

Thick and natural-looking eyebrows have been the on-the-rise trend for quite some time. Penciling in your brows and brushing them to perfection can become exhausting after time, however. Microblading is a service that can help you keep your brows on fleek easily.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique that boosts the look of one’s eyebrows through pigmentation. A needle-like hand tool is used to scratch pigment into the brow line, resembling natural eyebrow hairs’ appearance. Once your brows are microbladed, the tint lasts for eighteen to thirty months, and you will need touchups about once to twice per year. If you’re sensitive to pain, do not worry. Most people report only minor discomfort with this procedure, which does not compare to its flawless results.

Where to get your Brows Microbladed in AddisonWhat is Microblading and Where to Get It Done

Luckily for you, the North Corridor is home to several microblading professionals. Below are a few places to get your eyebrows to perfection.

Leeza’s Browtique 

Leeza’s expert knowledge extends further than just microblading. Visit her for an array of facials, eyebrow and body waxing, and lash and brow tints. She even offers brow lift services which will “give your eyebrows a raise!” This service is excellent for unruly or thin eyebrows, giving them a long-term styling effect. It will give your eyebrows a fuller appearance and eliminate time spent grooming them daily. Visit her at 15340 Dallas Pkwy #2220 Suite 11, Dallas, TX 75248.

Faces by Susanaa 

Faces by Susanaa specializes not only in microblading but also in several other eyebrow services, including microshading. Microshading is a technique that combines microblading and shading and is “great for those who have a good amount of hair in the first half of the eyebrows, who no longer wish to fill them in daily with makeup.” They also offer lash extension services and brow training courses. Visit Faces by Susanaa at 15203 Knoll Trail Dr., Suite 125, Dallas, TX, 75248.

Albaella Beauty Studio & Microblading Academy

This salon offers expertise in various services, including microblading, microshading, powder ombre brows, permanent eyeliner, and teeth whitening. Esthetician Alba Cruz additionally offers and variety of online beauty master courses in both English and Spanish, if you are interested in learning about these techniques. Visit their salon at 14228 Midway Rd. 220, Dallas, TX 75244.

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