The Benefits of Fluoride

It’s commonly said that Fluoride is beneficial to the tooth, but it’s never explained why. Many people that go day by day wouldn’t even know that Fluoride is a natural mineral that is in every common toothpaste brand around. It is also added to public drinking water to reduce cavities in the local populace.The Benefits of Fluoride

In this article, we’ll learn the benefits of Fluoride and what it can do for you!

Prevention of Cavities

One of the best things that Fluoride can provide is the prevention of cavities. Cavities form by the bacteria that come from leftover food, usually from sugary food or drinks. The bacteria release acids that attack the tooth enamel, which over time, causes tooth decay.

Fluoride helps prevent this by repairing the damage bacteria cause to our tooth enamel! Not only that, but Fluoride also fortifies bones, which helps with strengthening our teeth.


Something else that Fluoride can do for us is the mineralization of our teeth, forming a material called Fluorapatite. Remineralization is a natural process for tooth repair. Fluoride can help with that natural process! It is already naturally found in water, and fluoridated water is known for helping families in the US healthcare system save money. Fluoride helps with depositing the necessary minerals that can help strengthen your tooth enamel, therefore acting as our teeth’ superhero!

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