Protect Your Body From Cold Weather

The winter season is here, and it brings cold weather that can affect your body in various ways. Here is how the cold weather can affect you and ways to prevent it!

Risks of Cold Weather

It’s commonly known, but cold weather can easily affect your health. The reason behind this is that the flu and other viruses have an easier time living within cold environments, making them more stable in cold and dry air. Because of this, it’s much easier to get sick in the colder months.

Not only does the cold weather affect you physically, but it can also affect you mentally. During the Winter there is less sunlight, and people are more cooped up in homes which can cause issues such as feelings of hopelessness, losing interest in hobbies and activities, and generally just feeling sad in general.

Protect Your Body From Cold WeatherHow to Help Yourself

Meditation is a great way of preventing seasonal depression. By meditating, you will stimulate the pineal gland, which produces melatonin for the body, promoting relaxation. Doing this will help fight back the fatigue and mental anguish that comes with seasonal depression, and it’s a great way of gathering your thoughts!

Tea is your best friend when it comes to fighting back against the flu and cold! The warm liquid from the tea helps alleviate sore throats and breaks congestion, and it also builds up antibacterial properties in your body that are known to fight against many illnesses during this time of year! Not all teas work the same, however, and certain teas can help fight against the flu better than others. For example, Peppermint tea has the same properties as a cough drop, which helps with breathing and getting rid of congestion. It also helps with decreasing pain and body aches!

Last but not least, exercise is your best friend during this time as well! By exercising, you cut the risk of catching a cold down, and it also helps with bringing relief to mental frustration by providing endorphins that are known to relieve stress, improve memory, and help with anxiety!

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