2023 Beauty Trends

A new year means the opportunity for fresh starts and new beginnings. One way to revamp your life come 2023 is a unique beauty routine for your skincare, hair, or makeup. Here are some beauty trends that will be incredibly popular this year. 

Updo’s2023 Beauty Trends

Move aside loose waves and free-flowing hair; bigger and more intricate hairstyles are coming back. Think of updo hairstyles like tousled topknots, sculptural updos, low-braided buns, etc. These are the way to go in 2023. If you want an updo for a special event like a wedding or party, Addison Hair Salon and Braiding or Addison Salon Suites and Spa are beautiful options to choose from.  

Plant-Based Alternative Products

When buying your skin care products, pay attention to the ingredients list and look for labels that specify natural and eco-friendly components. More and more people are looking for skincare products to deliver results that use natural ingredients and extracts such as bakuchiol and snow mushrooms. Bakuchiol is a natural retinol alternative that targets fine lines and hyperpigmentation, while snow mushroom works as a humectant, drawing in water, so you get a plumper complexion. 

Pastel-Colored Makeup

This new year is all about soft, refreshing colors, specifically warm-toned pastels that work on any skin tone and age group. Makeup artists suggest applying a pastel wash over the eyes and leaving the rest of the face awash in tones of the same color family. Finish the look with some lovely mascara, and voila!

Hybrid Color Hair

When you have multifaceted hair, you get a different look with every turn of the head. If you’re feeling a little daring, try a hybrid color hairstyle. Ask your stylist to keep an intense base color and then add pops of a slightly lighter tone throughout. For a finishing touch, have them gloss over all your hair with a more golden color to give the overall effect of looking lit from within. 

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