Tips for Maintaining Pearly White Teeth

Everyone wants a healthy, attractive smile, and one of the most sought-after components is having pearly white teeth. Having discolored and/or stained teeth are a source of embarrassment for people of all ages. Fortunately, you can take plenty of simple, easy steps to keep your teeth healthy and white and bright.

Maintain a Healthy Dental Hygiene Routine

It’s simple, but one of the best actions you can take is regularly taking care of your teeth. Brushing twice a day keeps your teeth and mouth clean and healthy and scrubs away stains from food and liquid, while flossing once a day does wonders for your oral hygiene and breath. And last but certainly not least, going to the dentist twice a year for regular cleanings and checkups is an absolute must. There are some excellent dental practices in Addison, including Addison Dental Group, Ideal Dental Addison, Addison Family Dentistry, and more!

Use a Whitening Toothpaste

When you inevitably accumulate stains on your teeth, brushing with whitening toothpaste is the perfect solution. These kinds of toothpaste are specifically formulated to remove surface stains; some contain hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth from the inside out. Talk with your dentist to find out which whitening toothpaste you should use and how often you should use it. Tips for Maintaining Pearly White Teeth

Minimize Stain-Causing Foods and Drinks

Unfortunately, some of the most common food and drinks, such as coffee, tea, red wine, berries, and other colorful foods, are the ones that stain our teeth the worst. Try to cut back and minimize how often you consume these products, and brush your teeth afterward to help keep stains from setting. You can also try sipping drinks through a straw, as this reduces the amount of liquid with which your teeth come in contact.

Do a Whitening Treatment

Whether you prefer an at-home whitening treatment or have your teeth professionally whitened, there are many options out there to choose from. If you decide to go the at-home route, talk with your dentist about safe and healthy whitening solutions, as some kits may be too harsh on your gums and enamel. If you want more dramatic results, professional teeth whitening is the way to go, as it is the safest way to achieve that pearly white smile quickly. 

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