Local Sustainable Businesses

Local Sustainable Businesses

Local sustainable businesses are so important to have because taking care of the environment and reducing pollution should be everyone’s priority. A few benefits from sustainable businesses is that it can reduce product costs, increased profits, better employee satisfaction and encouraging other businesses to do the same. 

The reason why product costs decrease is due to the fact that companies are able to lower their energy bill therefore they do have to try to compensate for product prices in order to meet their financial obligations. In addition, when companies save money and their profits increase they are able to raise their employee’s salary which creates better employee satisfaction. Lastly, being a sustainable business can motivate other businesses to make the switch and become more eco-friendly. 

One prime example a business can become more eco-friendly is by eliminating straw usage. By doing this there will be less straws that could potentially land in our sewage systems which would eventually deposit into our local lakes or even the beaches at some point. One company in the corridor that loves doing their part is Green Packs USA. This business allows other local businesses to advertise their logos on a Green Packs cup or bag. They also have eco-friendly food containers and drinking straws (these are biodegradable unlike regular straws). 

Another local sustainable company is EcoSafe Dry Carpet Care which does not rely on aggressive chemicals. EcoSafe conserves more water than other carpet cleaners, for instance, EcoSafe’s cleaning method uses about a teaspoon of liquid per square foot which is 40 times less than other carpet cleaner companies. Moreover, EcoSafe conserves energy using minimal liquid during the dry cleaning process to keep the humidity level at its lowest in order to limit the use of excessive electricity to lower humidity. Again, the cleaners used during the cleaning process are not classified as hazardous by OSHA and are ‘safe in the home, and are biodegradable’. 

It is amazing to see that we have local sustainable businesses around us and that there are corporations willing to do their part to keep the environment healthy, reduce pollution and limit energy consumption. 

EcoSafe Dry Carpet Care

3010 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #1200

Dallas, TX 75234

GreenPacks USA

3303 Garden Brook Drive

Dallas, Texas 75234

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