Beat the Afternoon Slump in the Office

Beat the Afternoon Slump in the OfficeIt is safe to say that almost everyone has had an afternoon slump at the office once or twice. If you do not know what an afternoon slump is, it simply means where you start to get sleepy, lazy and/or tired. We will discuss a few tips to help you beat the crash.


Buy a small desk game for yourself and/or your coworkers. There are many infamous games such as pool, bowling, skeeball, basketball and even tetherball. These mini desk games can definitely keep your mind engaged. Offices are typically a lot quieter and the environment can feel stiff, so having miniature games can keep you awake and alert during the slowest parts of your work day. The Staples located in Addison has a mini arcade version of Pac-Man, a Rubik’s Cube and they even have mini sizes of Play-Doh. Another great way to stimulate your brain is to buy a puzzle to keep you busy during slow times at the office. There are 3D block puzzles at Target that you have to try to put together and it makes you concentrate on solving the puzzle.


If it is safe and possible and in compliance, play music to boost your mood. If you work at an office where elevator music is the norm, put on your favorite playlist to help you stay on top of your deadlines and workload. Again, make sure it is within compliance of your workplace rules and regulations. 


Lastly, if you are able to leave for lunch or you’re able to leave the office you should grab a refreshing drink at an eatery like Hawaiian Bros where they have ‘Hawaiian sun’ that comes in flavors of Guava Nectar, Lilikoi Passion and Strawberry Lilikoi just to name a few. You should also give their Dole Soft Serve a try if you are taking a dessert break. 


No one should have to feel like each day is a drag, so changing your same office routine can help your efficiency, and improve your attitude, attention span, and productivity. 

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