At Home Date Night Ideas

At Home Date Night IdeasAre you trying your best to stay away from the scorching heat without missing out on date nights? Consider these at home date night ideas:

Board Games: Bring out the classic game of Monopoly or Uno and have a competitive night with your significant other. Add a twist to it by making it a note that the loser has to do all the chores for a week or they have to buy the winner their favorite meal. 

Movie Night: There are many new movies on multiple streaming services. Order in some take out and grab your favorite snacks and indulge in some action, romance or even thriller. New movies to consider are The Gray Man, Death on the Nile or Father of the Bride. 

Canvas Painting: Even if you are not the most experienced painter, consider this an at-home date night idea with your significant other. You can paint the same thing and see who painted it better, or you can give each other a different idea on what to paint and just enjoy time relaxing and chatting. 

Spa Night: Want to add more romance to your date night? Take turns with your significant other by giving each other a well-need massage. Try doing some face masks with each other and jam out to your favorite playlist.

Cup Pong: No need to stress out if you do not drink alcohol, this game can be played with your favorite drink as well. This competitive game never gets old when it comes to trying to become the next cup pong champion, go ahead and give it a try!

Karaoke Night: Karaoke is the perfect at-home date night idea for those who love singing together. It should not matter if you can hit a high note or not, but being able to sing to your favorite songs while making new memories with your significant other will be a memory to always hold on to. Record you and your significant other while singing and share it with your friends in order to spread the joy and laughter.

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