Aging Gracefully in Your 60’s and Beyond

This four-part series of aging gracefully ties into our recent print article, Aging Gracefully …At Every Stage of Life. Click the link to read the full article and gain more insight about aging gracefully through your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond.

This article will dive further into aging gracefully throughout your 60s and beyond, and the self-care practices you should adopt to do so.

Diet and Exercise

When you reach your 60s, many of the exercises you were able to do earlier in life become more difficult. Balance exercises, swimming, and walking are great exercises that are easy on joints and bones. 

Aging Gracefully in Your 60's and Beyond

Physical Health

As cancers and diseases become more likely, seeing a doctor regularly is even more important than before. Baylor Scott & White is a great resource for primary care and specialty doctors. Check your senses regularly as well, because hearing aids and stronger glasses prescriptions may be needed later in life. Vision Veritas is an eye care expert, visit to test your vision and update your prescription glasses.

Oral Health

Mouth cancers as well as dry mouth become more likely during this time, so you should screen for cancers and ask your dentist about dry mouth treatments as needed. Veneers and dentures may be needed during this time as well.

Mental Health

Maintaining relationships and hobbies is a key part of good mental health in your 60s and beyond. If sleep is a major concern, consider seeing a sleep professional.

Skin and Hair Care

Your skin goes through its most extreme changes in your 60s, so a prescription anti-aging treatment may be a good option. A dermatologist can help with this as well as skin cancer screenings. You’ll want to focus heavily on moisture in both your skin and your hair as both become more dry and brittle. 

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