PlaneSmart! Aviation

PlaneSmart! Aviation

PlaneSmart! Aviation located right here in Addison and flying out of Addison Airport, provides access to aircraft that meet the needs of their clients’ missions. They are a licensed air carrier offering innovative and cost-effective air transportation and private aircraft management solutions to pilots and non-pilots alike.

A lot of us growing up looked up to the skies and dreamt of one day becoming a pilot. Maybe a commercial plane, maybe a fighter jet, maybe having our own private plane and travel the world. I remember wanting to be a pilot as a kid and dreaming of flying a jet one day. As I got older and began traveling more and more for leisure as well as for work with my music and writing, and the opportunity to experience different cultures, my thoughts shifted more towards, “what if I could charter a flight rather than fly commercial?” And now more than ever, the desire for freedom of scheduling, comfort, security and cost-efficient options that flying private offers, more and more people are asking the same question and discovering, for business or leisure, it’s the way to go!

Managing a diverse fleet of high-performance piston, turboprop and jet airplanes, PlaneSmart! Aviation is a one-stop shop for all things aviation.  From private aircraft management, chartering flights to shared ownership or leasing, and training, they have built their company with unique options in order to best serve every one of their customer’s needs, not to mention the flexibility to come and go at the drop of a hat instead of having to depend on commercial flight schedules. With convenient fleet access, clients find their programs to be a superior and cost-effective alternative to commercial airline travel, said, Mike Brosler, President and CEO. PlaneSmart! Aviation

Air Transportation options include:

Charter/Lease Programs

Offering an array of options for their customers, they provide the best service tailored to their needs. Customers can choose to use their Air Charter/Lease program, as is the perfect solution for individuals and companies for one off or regular scheduled trips with access to their growing fleet of jets and turboprops. . Their private air travel solution is ARGUS gold safety rated and provides the level of courteous professional red-carpet service that their customers have come to expect.

Owner Services

PlaneSmart!’s aircraft management program not only relieves you of the tedium of owning an aircraft but can offset its costs too!  They will provide opportunities to help generate flight revenue when you are not using the aircraft yourself.

PlaneSmart! AviationBrokerage

Interested in buying or selling an aircraft?  Their specialists know how to find the solution that best meets the needs of their clients.  Be sure to ask about their shared ownership options as well.


PlaneSmart! is also the place to go to begin or advance your flying career in a full-service training center offering flight instruction in either your plane or theirs with customized private pilot, instrument rating, and recurrency training. They will not only help with training but also with the different areas like the FAA testing and flight requirements to obtain your private pilot license.

Business and leisure travel has never been easier or more accessible. “Schedule a trip, show up, and climb aboard. We will take care of the rest. Provide us with you or your team’s travel needs, and PlaneSmart! will customize a private air transportation solution,” stated Brosler.

If you or your company is in need of a private aircraft management solution, or you would like to find complete details on all the different options they offer, visit or call 972-380-8004 or 888-2-AVIATE and talk to a representative to learn more.  PlaneSmart Aviation is the experienced private air transportation and aircraft ownership partner you have been looking for!   “It’s Aviation Simplified”

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