Home Office Decor Ideas

Home Office Decor IdeasFall always gives everyone a great chance to update their wardrobe or decorations around the house or office. In this case, we will talk about new ways to revamp your home office to give you some extra pep in your step. Stop by Addison’s At Home or TJ Maxx to pick up some fun home office decor.

Get new wallpaper

If you find your home office walls bland, explore getting some wallpaper with different patterns or a simple style. You can make a bold choice by having three walls the same solid color and one wall filled with wallpaper. Typically, the three similar walls could be a dark color that way the wallpaper can pop out or vice versa.

Get snazzy lamps

Although many people always try to get ‘regular’ lamps that are either squared or circular, try opting for unique and different colored lamps to add funk to your home office. The reason for this is that your eyes could be tired of looking at the same screen for hours at a time, so why not add an eye-appealing statement? There are some lamps in the shape of a dog, the moon, a mushroom, or a flower bouquet just to name a few. 

Find the perfect bookshelf

This is so important because having the perfect bookshelf can elevate your book display. Having the perfect bookshelf is similar to finding a weirdly shaped lamp. There are many bookshelves that are not like traditional ones. Some are in the shape of a chair, some shelves purposely look dysfunctional to throw the eye off and some are classic shelves that are organized by colors rather than by the author’s last name. 

All of these ideas can actually be tied together if you want your home office to be an enjoyable room even though you work from it. No one said that home offices have to fit a certain mold. In corporate buildings, you most likely do not have the ability to decorate how you see fit. Having a home office gives you the wiggle room to design the room of your dreams without having to worry about it being a ‘rule breaker’.


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