A Guide to Addison’s Attorneys

A Guide to Addison’s AttorneysAt a point in your life, you may find yourself enduring a change in financial or family status or in a stickier situation such as a law violation or a wrongful termination at your workplace. In cases like these, it is vital to reach out for help from an attorney, but you may not know where to begin.

So, what is an attorney? The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that attorneys “advise and represent individuals, businesses, and government agencies on legal issues and disputes.” They will give you advice, prepare documents and claims for the case, and will even sometimes appear in court as a spokesperson for you. In Addison, we are lucky to call ourselves home to a range of attorneys to suit your legal needs. Read below to discover what kind of lawyer you may need.

Family Law

Cleaves Family Law focuses exclusively on family law legal matters. If you are facing a divorce, a case of child support, or child custody, visit this firm in the North Corridor. Cleaves Family Law “attorneys are experienced in multiple dispute resolution methods that keep your family law matter away from trial and resolved as efficiently as possible, both in terms of time and cost.”

Business Law

Shakelford Law is a full-service firm focusing on over 20 distinct practice areas. Since their “practice areas are diverse, and [their] experience is deep,” they can help you to resolve nearly any legal matter.

Wilson Legal Group also works with a wide range of legal matters. They will have your back if you need assistance with business or family cases.

Personal Injury Law

Chalaki Law practices law in areas of injury and business. Their personal injury cases have amazingly been featured in the media, in addition to national law-related journals and media broadcasts. If you have dealt with a car or motorcycle accident, know someone who has experienced a wrongful death, have a pharmaceutical liability, commercial litigation, or unlawful real estate transaction, Chalaki Law is here to help you in the North Corridor.

Frenkel & Frenkel will help you in your case of a variety of vehicle-related accidents, including pedestrian and bike, ride-share, and automobile defects. Other areas of injury that they practice law in include birth, dog bites, industrial, and prescription dosage errors.

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