Workout Classes in the Corridor

Workout Classes in the CorridorFall can be the most challenging season to find the motivation to exercise; the weather is changing, schedules are busy, and the holidays are coming. Despite this, fall may be the perfect time to begin group fitness classes so you can make exercise a regular part of your schedule. An experienced instructor will take on the burden of planning your exercise session, and you and the other class attendees will feel your muscles burn as one.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT)

If you are looking for an explosive anaerobic workout to fuel your day, HIIT is calling your name. HIIT involves bursts of high-intensity efforts followed by brief recovery periods. This exercise reaps its benefits in calorie output, metabolic rate, heart rate, and fat loss. Lucky for you, HITT classes are abundant in The Corridor. CrossFit offers a program that is “broad, general, and inclusive.” Whether you are up to military-level physical standards or are new to the gym, you will benefit from this conditioning. CrossFit offers an array of daily group classes and three hours of open gym, four days per week.

If running is your thing, check out Orangetheory Fitness. Orangetheory designs their classes around heart rate, aiming for twelve or more minutes in the “Orange Zone,” which is 84-91% of its maximum. There are three segments to class: rowing, cardio, and strength training.


Are you in need of a deep stretch and meditation? Gaia Flow Yoga‘s  mission is to serve as a space where students can “unwind, relax, energize, heal, strengthen their body, mind and spirit” to live their richest lives. They offer daily vinyasa flow classes for every level of practice and evening mediation practice.

Samatone Yoga features Samatone-style, traditional “hold-the-pose” power yoga. This unique, immune-strengthening practice is the perfect class to practice breath and movement. Enjoy classes in studio or online from the comfort of your own home.


Pilates has been on the fitness trend rise and has been hotter than ever this summer. A consistent pilates practice simultaneously develops strength, coordination, and balance like no other workout. Club Pilates offers eight variations of daily classes to cater to your pilates practice.

Hot Workouts

Haven’t had enough of the Texas heat? Try your first HOTWORX session for free! HOTWORX is an infrared fitness studio that offers a variety of isometric and HIIT workouts. From hot cycle to hot core to hot pilates or yoga, HOTWORX has it all.

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