Treat Yourself With Delicious Foods That Satisfy

Treat Yourself With Delicious Foods That Satisfy
Grab some delicious made to order cinnamon rolls at Cinnaholic.

Junk food is a delicious way to treat yourself, but you may be thinking, should we really celebrate junk food? Shouldn’t we be trying to eat healthy? The short answer is, what is even ‘junk food’? I think the name gives off a bad vibe when in fact, in moderation it’s not bad to indulge. So for the rest of this article let’s not call it ‘junk food’ instead we’ll just refer to it as food.

From delicious fried foods to sugary treats, it’s ok to have some from time to time. Like a treat or a reward after a long week at work.

For example, a quick trip to Chick-Fil-A for some delicious chicken nuggets or their famous #1 Chicken Sandwich? So good. Don’t forget the Chick-Fil-A sauce! Or how about getting some delicious wings at Pluckers while watching your favorite team on one of their many TVs? Nothing wrong with Pluckers wings and their amazing Holy Macaroni.

Treat Yourself With Delicious Foods That Satisfy
It’s time to celebrate with a treat.

Looking for a little dessert? Maybe a delicious sundae? Braum’s always comes in clutch. Just north of Addison Airport on Trinity Mills and just south of Frankford on Preston, Braum’s has been serving up delicious ice cream, floats, sundaes, and more for as long as I can remember. Find an empty parking lot and watch the planes land and take off and you have yourself a relaxed afternoon away from all the drama.

If you are looking for something a little different, try out Cinnaholic at the Village on the Parkway. Serving “create your own” cinnamon rolls that will have you coming back for more! Now you don’t have to go to the mall for amazing cinnamon rolls!

No matter what ‘junk food’ you like, have yourself a treat on today, and don’t feel guilty, it’s just once in a while.

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