Improve Your Public Speaking

Improve Your Public SpeakingPublic speaking is continuously one of the most commonly shared fears. Whether you have publicly spoken hundreds of times or your public speaking practices are few and far between, there is no question that moments of self-doubt cross your mind, even if from time to time. Below are a handful of simple tips to help improve your public speaking.

Prepare talking points

It is important to have notes to refer back to in case you lose your train of thought at any time throughout your speech; it happens to the best of us. Make sure that these points are concise, so they are easy to reference, and that you’re not simply reading off your notes.


Although practice does not guarantee perfection, it makes progress. Practicing does not have to be some grandiose task; it can be as simple as reciting your upcoming speech while driving to the grocery store or work.

Use visual aids

Visual aids can serve as notes in disguise. Lining your speech up with a slideshow or a few visual aids can help you to remember the key points you need to hit. Try practicing with these aids to help your memory.

Use nerves to your advantage.

Having nerves means that you care! Believe it or not, your nerves can help you to perform better. Take any anxiety you may have and turn it into motivation to practice and perform well.

Know your audience

Please take notice of your audience and what they respond well to, and include them throughout your public speaking. Any involvement will help the crowd to stay engaged in what you have to say.

Show your personality

People gravitate to genuine people who aren’t afraid to show who they are. A few ways to implement this are through humor or an anecdote. Don’t let any mistakes discourage you, and remember to smile!

Are you looking for additional public speaking practice? Check out these public speaking events in Addison.

TNT Toastmasters 

TNT Toastmasters is “a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills” to community members. Join them every Tuesday. from 12-1 pm at the New New Buffet (or hybrid).

Take the Stage 

Take the Stage is a two-day live event in Addison on October 27-28. Purchase your tickets if you want to “learn how to be a great speaker and presenter and take their presenting skills to a whole new level.”

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