Fun Fall Nail Ideas

Fun Fall Nail IdeasOne of the best ways to get in the fall spirit is to paint your nails to match the season. You can either paint these looks yourself or go to a salon and have a professional technician do them for you – whatever you prefer! Whether you go for easy or complex looks, there are endless possibilities for what you can do to your nails.

Striped Nails

Autumn is sweater weather, and what better way to showcase this than have sweater-themed nails? Take whichever two colors you desire and use them to paint stripes across your fingers. You can vary the size of the lines on each nail or make them all the same size. Striped nails will make you feel cozy and comfortable in the cooler months. 

Utilize Fall Colors

If you want to make an impact, you don’t have to have complicated patterns or designs on your nails. For example, take orange, gray, and white colors and paint your nails with these three shades. On the nails you paint white, try sprucing it up a little extra with minimalist dots and zig-zags. Simple yet stylish, this is a great way to bring autumn into your everyday look. 

Plaid Nails

While plaid can be worn any time of year, it looks excellent in autumn. Choose any two or three colors you think work well together for your design. For some of the nails, you can leave one color, and on the other ones, paint the crisscrossing lines. Be sure to let each coat of polish completely dry before crossing the lines.

Ombre Nails

Also known as the “Skittles manicure,” ombre nails is a fun way to paint your nails. Starting from either side of your hand, start with the lightest shade of the color you choose and gradually paint a darker shade over the next nail. To get the crisp fall look, try different shades of reds, oranges, browns, yellows, or greens – the possibilities are endless. 

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